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About Tech Source

Hi guys, thank you for checking our Patreon page. Before you move on with your life, please consider reading our story. 

We started Tech Source to bring originality and spice back into the Technology community. We love what we do and we want to continue bringing you guys quality content and in order to achieve that we need your help.

Unlike most channels out there, we don't treat our subscribers like a view count, we treat them as actual people. We respond constantly, we take advice and most importantly we REWARD them. We love showing our appreciation to our fans and every month we give out $50 gift cards and awesome products for giveaways. Unfortunately because a lot of our money goes towards fan appreciation, we don't have much left over for better equipment and product reviews, which is why we joined Patreon.

With your support you can help us achieve our dreams in becoming one of the best content creators on youtube and help us continue giving out awesome stuff to you guys!

If you become a patron of TechSource you get awesome rewards as well! Take a minute to check them out!

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Tech Source is expanding and we need a space big enough to accommodate our growth! With $300 a month we can move into an office for bigger and better video equipment which will enhance our videos immensely ultimately leading to a better experience for you guys!
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