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Welcome to "You, Me, and Mediumship. This Patreon page idea came to me whilst helping someone with their own development in Mediumship. I realized that this can be a lonely road at times and i can remember trying to find that right place, that right person to help me. I always felt a little awkward asking questions, and i found it difficult to find the right circle to sit in. It was not until Colin Fry said to me " just do it your way" that i decided to go it alone and build upon my relationship with Spirit that i had always naturally had and i found peace in my development.
My intention here is just to be here for you, to sit with you when needed, to be a guide rather than a teacher as that role belongs to Spirit. I cannot make you a Medium, i can guide you to getting to where you need to be, to sit and learn from the very best. They are your guides and helpers.  Mediumship is a personal, natural thing that cannot always be taught as our uniqueness means we work differently, but like i said a little guidance in  getting to that door does help, but only you can open it.  
I write with Spirit, and have pages of beautiful wisdom i have received and will be sharing and talking about on tier one. I also work as a Spiritual Adviser (tier two), and of course the development on tier three which will be a very personal guidance course. 
My mission is to simply help where i can and bring back the mediumship of the old days. 
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Voice of the Spirit
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Access to my videos on what Spirit say when i send out a question. Their answers are beautifully worded and inspirational. This is recorded on a different subject each month . I will also give my Patreon friends a chance to offer a question to spirit on a subject of their choice. This must be on a everyday subject not a personal one. 
Personal Spiritual Adviser Service
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Having worked in the field for many years i have met many who at certain moments in their lives need a little help. I give a totally confidential "Spiritual Advice" session for an hour . Life isn't a book, we are all different and Spiritual guidance i feel helps in a more personal way than other methods. This is a one off payment for an hour with discount available should you pay for a number of sessions in advance.
Personal Mediumship Development
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One of my passions is to help those who wish to work with Spirit along this sometimes difficult road. Whats important here is i want this to a very personal endeavor, where we work at your pace and you feel comfortable at every stage. I dont just send out a pre-written course, as we all work differently and that individuality is so important in the quality of Mediumship as it reflects that personal relationship with Spirit. I will limit pupils to a manageable level on this tier.

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