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About Alisa Zingerman

Once I started teaching Hebrew on-line my life was changed - I realized how many wonderful  learners are out there, dedicated to learning Hebrew remotely, living in most unexpected places all over the the globe!
Since then I am on a mission. And my mission is - make the life of Hebrew-learners all across the world easier.
Hebrew is not English, with its abundance of materials for any age, stage and taste. I was surprised to see how difficult it is to find high-quality learning materials, especially for self-study - and this is often the case with my learners! The textbooks out there are not only distributed primarily in Israel, but also they are created for classroom situation.

So I went ahead and started creating what I could -
currently having the following:
In making are, to name a few:
  • Root dictionary of the Hebrew language for learners
  • Foundation Course as textbook
  • More stories
Nearly ready to launch are:
  • Learning challenge for beginners (study group with weekly webinars)
  • Speaking group (three group lessons a week)
  • Instagram 
As well, as a big admirer of the LingQ system, I've uploaded many courses there and I'm still working on uploading more.

I've probably forgotten something, but I'll keep updating later! :)
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Launch Instagram! Even planning two Instagrams!

One (every day) - with beautiful pictures of Israel and quotations in Hebrew (with transliteration and/or translation!)
For making pictures I need to hire a photographer...

Two (every week) - with short videos in slow Hebrew and its' vocab cards! Would be great to have a better camera for that...
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