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K-MUSICLIFE is NETLABEL that has been distributing "Nature Music" since 1999 by Yuta Konishi mixing nature sound and relaxation music.

Close your eyes and listen to the sound of nature. What kind of scenery will be spread in front of you then? the sky over which clouds flow. The mountains are overflowing with greenery. a clear ocean.

I think the sound of nature plays a big role in making such natural scenery beautiful. To make the world beyond the sounds of nature beautiful, K-MUSICLIFE continues to deliver natural sounds and create music.


K-MUSICLIFE is looking for supporters for sustainable activities. We publish music on YouTube, but we need supporters to do more and more activities. There is no benefit of the supporters at the moment, but we am thinking of inviting them to the nature sound recording tour or the Nature Sound Labo. Please let me know.


[Yuta Konishi]

Konishi Yuta is a composer in the field of relaxation music that mixing natural sounds and musical instruments. He makes impressive soundscapes using field recordings, synthesizers, etc. He is especially good at making music that involves the flow of water, and water sounds that he recorded are uploaded on YouTube. Music inspired by natural landscapes is suitable for use in Yoga, Aromatherapy and other places where relaxation is needed.

He has been playing music since he was 13 years old, and since then he has started K-MUSICLIFE as a NETLABEL and has made a lot of music and recorded nature sounds based on YouTube. Almost 45,000 subscribers on YouTube and he was YouTube NextUp Japan Creator in 2012. Nature Sound series on K-MUSICLIFE Channel on YouTube, has a lot of natural sounds. You can listen to up to 7 ~ 8 hours of natural sounds on YouTube. It plays a natural sound on YouTube before you go to bed and until you wake up.
His music albums are Discography our web page. You can listen and buy on various platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. For more information about the album, please visit each place.

1999 Started up K-MUSICLIFE on Web
2006 Released In Mind (Yuta Konishi)
2006 Started up K-MUSICLIFE YouTube Channel(18 Feb 2006)
2008 First nature sound video(Nature Sound 1) upload on YouTube
2010 “in mind” released on iTunes
2011 Over 3,000,000 views on our Youtube Channel(Jan 2011)
2011 Released “Water Place – absolutely sleeping -” released on iTunes
2010 Released Human Soul (Yuta Konishi)
2012 YouTube NextUp Japan
2014 Released Nature Flow (Yuta Konishi)
2017 Recording nature sound in ASIAN countries
2018 YouTube subscribers are 44,000 over
2019 Establish Nature sound lab in Kaga Ishikawa Japan

[YouTube Channel]

I have a sound label K-MUSICLIFE and “K-MUSICLIFE CHANNEL” on YouTube has 45,000 subscribers in the world that has released plain natural sound beyond 7 hours and absolute relaxing music for your peaceful mind.

[My Music]

Nature Sound

Relaxing music

[My Goal]

My goal is continue making the relaxed music as my lifework for good. I would like to provide absolutely relaxing sound that has been mixed nature up sound. Finally, I would like to create a one of a platform that provide relaxing music to yoga studio, hair salon, and meditation tool.
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