Artem Holubiev

is creating Reconstruction of prehistoric animals. Rewilding of fauna.
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Since I'm drawing with a mouse and only a few hours a day, the output speed of new images is very low.

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About Artem Holubiev

Hello, my name is Artem Holubiev and welcome to the world of prehistoric animals.
I am an artist working in collage technique. My interest in prehistoric fauna appeared at the age of 12 years. I was very interested in how they looked and how they differed from modern animals. But such information was not. I also noticed that this topic is of interest to a large number of people who also have many questions, but no answers.
I create reconstructions of prehistoric animals so that people can see their appearance. And also it serves as an additional source of income.
The more I create animals, the more they spread around the world.
I work on creating animals for several hours every day to make a dream, our dream, a reality.
Many thanks for your help. Remember: when creating collages, I think of people who dream of seeing ancient animals.
Thanks to these animals, people pay attention to my site, in which I propose the reconstruction of ecosystems
and the more people in the world learn about the project (Rewilding Pleistocene ecosystems), the more chances that this project will be realized. And this is the dream of many people in the world!
Accordingly, my patrons inspire and encourage me to create new animals.
Thanks to the visitors of my profile, the dream becomes one step closer.
I draw with the mouse, but soon I hope that with your help I will buy a more powerful computer and electronic tablet for drawing. This will allow me to make much more high-quality and believable drawings.

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I want people all over the world to know what prehistoric mammals looked like.

But since I'm drawing with the mouse on the old computer and only a few hours a day, the speed of the new images is very low.

My goal is to buy a new more powerful computer and an electronic tablet for drawing. Then I can do more and better.
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