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My body is toast. My joints are gone, I get migraines, stomach issues, PTSD, and many days have trouble getting around the house. The pain is unbearable on a daily basis, as I refuse the pills that addict you - which I feel is the right choice, being the better of two evils.
I am only in my mid to late 30s. The Chiropractor, upon seeing my back X-ray, who's first words were 'You poor poor thing, how do you even walk, did you even DRIVE here' ... my response being 'Oh, so that's why I can't feel my legs I take it?' ... That was 5 years ago and It's only gotten worse.

Seeing as I must support myself, social security income is limited, and there's not much 'work' I can really do. While I have a great mind, my body went south early due to work-related issues & injuries growing up in a construction company as a kid and again working there as an adult, so I am of little use to a corporation.
However, all that sorry song-and-dance aside, I have a whole lot of time on my hands. Lots of time. Now comes the PTSD - okay I'll keep it short - I've got to keep occupied enough to keep my brain 'distracted' or I'll have issues with it. Not good.
Enter, the computer, BeamNG.Drive, and a desire for over 20 years of PC use to make my own race tracks, cities, and pack it with as much fun as possible.
I am sure some folks here may have seen Roane County Tennessee USA map for, the previous pinnacle of my work, a map too big for it's own good, with performance that left something to be desired, but never falling short of roads not yet traveled.
The previous pinnacle...
I've got a map coming up, that will top that. It will top it with custom models for homes and much road infrastructure to the like of not seen before in this game, short of something the developers or a handful of top-quality mappers have made. That's not the best part though.
A fully modular, puzzle-piece kit of:
Surface Roads - large and small - from side streets to large boulevards with up to 6 lanes.
Highways, on the ground and raised up. Complete with bridges for raised portions in cities.
Tunnels, to fit the larger surface roads, or even be used over rail tracks - which brings me to the next part.
Subways and surface Rail! The best part! I've already got one subway station you can drive into. Complete with it's own dedicated dual-track tunnel kit separate from the existing tunnels for roads.

Everything here is fully collision meshed, with LOD's (working on doing the last of the road LOD's now), for use in the forest brush in an unlimited* manner (typical map limits are 4096 objects, but not when you use items in the forest brush, only system RAM and FPS are your limits here!).

Build the city of your dreams - city kit is available early to Patreon backers.

Patreon funds won't be wasted on fancy i9 65535-core CPUS or terabytes of solid state, no, it will only be used to purchase what is necessary. I've already upgraded the RAM in this project to do what I need to do - run the game while running 3d modeling software, so I can make things as I need it expediently. I've got everything I need as far as modeling goes with Maya, to which I have a subscription every month that costs me money. I have a modest four year old tower that still does what I need it to do - a tower I built myself as I've done for over 20 years now. No plans on replacing this guy, just fixing whatever breaks when absolutely necessary. Funds will be mostly used to purchase textures and assets for the city map, to help make it better, and make things quicker.
Money may also be used towards doctor visits which I need now and then, or to repair my (old!) car (which is paid for, a bit old, but paid for), should it need something other than routine maintenance.
Maybe I could get enough to get some teeth - that would be wonderful, but, even a dollar is fine. I am not begging anyone for anything they don't have, but if you enjoy what I make, and create, please contribute. I am willing to work for it, in any way that I can. Being stuck in the house so much, this is the way. I hope what I make brings you much joy.

Again, Road/Highway & Rail/Subway kit will be available early to any Patreon backers.

If you would like to use this early for youtube and snag a copy of the map, It's available in a once to twice-monthly update schedule (once at the least, 2~3 times at the most), in fully-usable form, will mostly/fully completed scenes as I go, with full function.  Patrons that donate 10$ or more per month will automatically get a copy, just hit me up with your donation time/date and name on beamng and I'll hand you a link to my online backup of the map if it's not posted here.
58% complete
A little above and beyond Maya costs a month will allow me to purchase professional textures and models slowly each month.
This speeds map development time, and enabled higher-quality assets to be used for the map.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts

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