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About Artsi Amateur

My name is, Breaz  aka (Arsti Amateur). I started drawing in the sixth grade, annnnnd of course i sucked at it lol but I'm a little better now. As i got older i kept drawing and it lit a fire in me. Not to escape ''the bad times'' but because i enjoyed it and the results I got out if it. Noting fuels me more than looking at a piece of work I've done and being in love with every part of it. As of 2019 I've taken a serious interest in animating stories about myself. And of course aha.... I suck. But I'll be getting better and improving over time. I made this Patreon account because its another great way to share my work.... AND also its a good way to earn funds for my work, which brings me to this. I have a day job. One that consumes a considerable amount of my time.

I would love to be able to completely commit myself to art and production for all of you but at this moment I can't. WHICCHHHH *Drum roll*!! LEADS ME TO THIS POINT *Drum roll stops* If you all want my 100%!! attention and 100% effort!! then please consider donating here at my Patreon!! If and when i get enough supporters i will be able to give my all to my production for you! So please consider becoming apart of the Artsi nation and become my patreon ^_^ if you have any question please feel free to message me.

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