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“Call Me” is a game based on constant decisions. Therefore, we’re talking about a highly branched game, with many, many different endings and a wide diversity of genres.

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The game begins when our protagonist moves to a new city with his father and sister. With this new beginning, a life full of choices opens up before our MC.


  • More than 200 choices (so far)
  • 160 CG (so far)
  • 25 endings (so far)
  • Four Narrative Arcs based on four girls. The aforementioned 25 endings belong strictly to one of these Arcs.
  • Mobile phone that you can use at all times. With the phone you can call, answer messages, receive calls, etc. (These actions change the story as well.)
  • Lots of genres (love, fantasy, horror, gore, eroge, science fiction, yaoi?, yuri!? etc.)
  • School map, which you will be able to use to move freely during recess time.

A little more about the project

“Call Me” has been in the works for a total of two years now. Since it's a totally indie project (there's currently only one person working on it), and this project of mine is very ambitious, it's taking longer than I'd like.

Why Patreon?

Patreon would allow me to advance really fast in this project, since this is a game I’ve decided to invest a lot of money in (over $5,000 so far). Among the most expensive things I’ve been able to pay, there are a few I could highlight:

  • Animation (still in progress, but some fragments are available on my Facebook. If you want to see this sample click on the girl below!)
  • Scenarios. (Many, MANY scenarios.)
  • Music.
  • SFX audio.
  • Sketches for some CG (I intend to finish them properly later.)
  • Graphic interface.

Guide in-game

-Explanation about the guide- 

Each circle represents a choice. The black circles with a white drawing refer to an important decision that will be taken into account later to disable certain paths. Once you reach such decision, the white color of the drawing will change into gold, indicating that you have unlocked that specific circle.

The arrows that point to the left and have associated a black circle with a gold icon, indicate that you must have that decision unlocked in order to access that new decision branch.

-Sayuri Points: they are an accumulation of favorable decisions regarding this character, as the name states.
-Time out: this is a choice that automatically activates if the player doesn’t make any choice before the time on screen runs out.

(Some parts are in Spanish, as this guide is still in beta and could change at any time).

$6.96 of $500 per month
I will be able to focus 80% on the project, which would increase the speed of work by 80%.
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