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How you going!
So you are here reading this deciding whether or not i deserve your hard earned cash, actually maybe it wasn't that hard to earn...... maybe you inherited it or you found it in a suitcase under a wharf..... and then i am happy for you to be my sugar daddy/momma and to launder your money for you.

What i do?
Every week i try my very best to create a new, funny, exciting, original video on a range of topics from "super sonic tampon guns" to "Training magpies" and i absolutely love making these video and appreciate each and everyone of you for watching.

Why give me your moolah?
I made this Patreon page not so i can make a profit but so that you can support my hobby and help me create higher quality videos, buy cool tools and upload more frequently. No money that i receive will go towards anything illegal unless it is wednesday (anything goes on wednesday).
Cheers, IDAT.
$356 of $750 per month
This would allow me to quit my current shitty job and live frugally making youtube videos full time. 
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