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Hey y'all! Welcome on our Patreon page. We have big plans for next years so we want YOU to be a part of.
Our vision is massive, and we would love your support to help us execute our plan.
We "live for the music" and we want to bring it out in the world.
We want to produce the most amazing music and videos possible for the most amazing fans in the world.
Please consider joining as a patron so that you can join us on this special journey. You can choose how much per month you want give to us :)  For your support, we are offering some pretty neat rewards below:
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Exclusive Content
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Access to our Patreon Activity Feed where we will be posting special behind the scenes clips, photos, and videos.  
Early Access
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 You will be able to view our music videos before they are released publicly on YouTube. Plus, all rewards above! 
Additional Song with Patreon Vote
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Once per Month all  $ 5 or more Patreons can VOTE for a Song we do only for these Patreons :)

Plus, all rewards above. 

Video Chat
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Access to exclusive video chats with the band! Let's hang out online, answer your questions, and update you on all of the projects we are working on! Plus, all rewards above. 

Plus, all rewards above. 

Video Credits
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Your name will be featured in the end credits of our YouTube videos! Plus, all rewards above. 
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