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You'll see new videos every Saturday 3 weeks before Youtube AND you can suggest things for me to draw during "Thank You Videos"! 




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About PickledAliceArt


My name is Alice and I do not have the best track record for Social Media platforms.
I've tried and failed before, not because of mean comments or inability to draw but because I tore myself down. I didn't like my mannerisms... or voice.

But I'm over that.
Because what am I waiting for?
I'm waiting for me! 

So join me on this "Journey". I will post a video of me drawing once a week Every Saturday.

Frankenbunny by Jill Esbaum
Nightlights by Paul Paolilli, Dan Brewer
This Book is Spineless by Lindsay Leslie
Glacier on the Move by Liz Rusch
Meet My Monsters by Annie Sarac

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