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About ThePharaohJesus_

Hey guys its ThePharaohJesus_ I want to thank you first of all for just coming to my Patreon page to begin with. I've been wanting to make creative videos for a while now and I finally started. I want to show my vision and range for content and give my opinions on things I'm passionate about. I want to share my videos with everyone and hope many enjoy. On my channel I plan on showcasing and incorporate things like the Marvel's Cinematic Universe, The NBA, The NFL, Boxing, The UFC, Pro Wrestling, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Video Games in my videos of Lists, Discussions, Highlights, Lets Plays, Skits and maybe Vlogs .  I also want to eventually start up a Weekly Show on my channel that is directed,produced and treated like a real tv show but on Youtube so that I can bring to you guys.

Now what brought me to Patreon was to have the opportunity for fans to help out with creating content from having you guys Send Ideas to be included in videos, Topics for Videos, Your Name Credited in vidoes and more etc. etc. I want you guys to help bring this vision I have to the front-line of Youtube. I made this Patreon to get help with expenses and production costs for making content, things that help me make videos easier so that way I can put out more content for you guys. 

Now Patreon is here to help ThePharaohJesus_ grow but the growing starts with you. No matter what I will try to bring quality content to best of my abilities for my supporters.any support is greatly appreciated and I will do my best to keep you guys entertained!

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