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About Justin Brown

Just a dude trying to do what he loves to support himself and his family. I have a real passion for Drawing, Design and 3D Animation/Modeling and would love to have the chance to turn this into a career. I went to school for these things including Architectural Design/Drafting but I haven't been able to turn my skills into a working career. Life hasn't turned out at all how I imagined it would which happens to allot of us, however I have a small window to make my dreams come true. I consider myself a man of God and I have Faith he will help me reach my goals so long as I'm trying to help myself as well. I have a deteriating spine condition as well as severe RA spreading throughout my body making physical labor all but impossible these days, which is why I hope/need to be able to follow my dreams to the new life God has in store for me. With the age of the internet upon us I'm hoping to find the support I need to share my skills with the world. I am extremely limited financially in what I can do or create at this time but I'm praying with help I can continue to grow and better my skills to a level I never dreamed of. I want to be able to create unique pieces of Art for people to enjoy as well as Logos, Wallpapers, Tattoos and or any other types of design work that people may request of me. I'm hoping to eventually get the equipment required to do 3D Modeling and Design and can therefore bring my artwork to a new level.