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About Jake Taylor

I make RPGs- specifically, the Chernog games. I've already published the first one on Google Play called Chernog: Fortress of the Mad Admiral. It features pixel art and comic panels by a talented guy named Chris Pariano.
I'm currently working on the next entry called Chernog: Taverns & Adventurers. In this installment, Chernog lives out of a lively country tavern featuring parties passing through, wandering bards and the usual suspects. Chernog takes on randomized and scripted quests to fight bandits, loot dungeons for lost heirlooms and fight fantastical beasts. Chernog also struggles with the burdens of the adventurer lifestyle including addictions, expenses and mental injuries. All this occurs while searching for the lost temple of the deity who did him wrong.

If you like my existing work, please consider supporting me so I can pay for art assets for my project.

You can check the Fortress of the Mad Admiral here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com....

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