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About Kieron Devlin, Proteus Astrology

London-based and trained PROTEUS astrologer:  
Natal Chart Readings via Skype and in person
Personal chart readings/consultations - psychological make up, astrocartography, relocations, synastry, solar returns, life purpose, personal asteroids and more.

This is a great opportunity for those who are curious about what a chart reading can do for them and need advice on where to go from here.

Email me on the Proteus Astrology FB page directly, or
[email protected]

Astrology can help with understanding of
  • life patterns, purpose and life path
  • relationships, business and romantic
  • money, and what it means to you
  • career issues
  • personal and spiritual development
  • vision, hopes and wishes
  • choices and decisions
  • planning for the future
  • health and well being, aligning your energies
  • stimulating creativity
  • the best places to travel and live ( requires extra preparation)
Sessions can also be in person and will include a full recording of the sessions, with colour print outs of your chart, astromaps, and bi-wheels, and notes.

Kieron is Certified by the London School of Astrology

He writes for Celestial Vibes Magazine edited by Aswin Balaj

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