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The dungeon dwellers have shown their support to the project and will have access to some beta demos.
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Dungeon explorers will be given a key for the game once it comes out to show them that without them, this couldn't be possible.
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Appart from the previous benefits, Expeditionaries will get access to test builds of the game.




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About Fireruner

Hi there! Thanks for passing by! My name is Daniel Fuego, I'm a Software Engineer Student, and probably just like you, I love videogames.

I've always loved videogames, and since I was a child, I've wanted to create my own games. Build my own universes and give the opportunity to other people to experience them has been my dream almost since I remember. 

That's why I'm here! I'm currently building a game and I need some support for it for things like hardware upgrades, maybe hire someone to help me with the visuals and audio of the game, and also to pay for the publishing of the game when it's ready.

The game I'm making is a 2D top down view Rogue Like (Rogue Lite to be more precisse) developed using Unreal Engine 4, called Amaril's Amulet. It takes place in a fantasy world where magic is wild and powerfull and hopefully, it will be the first of a series called Expeditionary League. On it, you will face fearless enemies as you crawl down procedurally generated dungeons in the search for an ancient amulet, property of a dead legend, that it's said to protect the wearer against demons.

The prototype I have right now has some basic stuff (combat, inventory management, basic AI, etc) done, but it's still that, a prototype. I'll be sharing my progress through this page whenever I make it.

Your support will grant you access to beta releases, a key for the game when it comes out and my eternal gratitude.

Bare in mind that the game is on development, and that means that graphics, audio and gameplay will for sure change over time, hopefully improving.

Stay tuned to the updates and thanks :D

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