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About Funny007_YT

Who am I?
I Am Rajan seth, a engineer from INDIA . Im a Streamer on Youtube, Trying to give back to the community as much as i can.

Funny007_yt  is a Streaming from Ghazibad India , i stream different games from Fortnite to Call of Duty
Our aim is to help this generation of Gamers, and those who follow, to come become the best they can be. We want to create a community which will support, inspire and challenge. I also want to give back to the community by offering Giveaways

Mondays- Solo Dolo
Tuesday- Duo Days
Friday-Solo Dolo
Saturday- Subscriber day
Sunday-Duo Day

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a service where you can pledge to send a regular payment to creators, so they can support themselves and keep making new stuff.

Patreon is better for creators than advertising or sponsorship. The content is 100% uncompromised, payment is more predictable, and creators don't need to stoop to clickbait content or other shady practices.

Patreon allows creators to serve their people, not advertisers or corporate sponsors.

Why do we need your help?
We need your help to keep the lights on and in order to be able to spend more time Streaming and Creating amazing Content.

What do you get in return?

Every time someone becomes a Patron, we can guarantee that Funny007 will be spinning around in his chair and doing his victory dance with excitement (we may make a video of this if enough people join...). Your support affirms that all those early mornings and migraines weren't in vain, and we love you for it!

$200 or more per month
This tier is for the hardcore supporters, you guys get everything i have to offer, duo games, merchandise (shirts hats etc) things are in the works for that. you will also get stream time as well as having a huge say in the future of Funny007_yt

Please keep in mind that you will be charged on the point of subscribing and then again in the 1st of the upcoming month. I love you for your support and I want you to be happy. Talk to me about any questions you have. I am here for you.

I both want to thank you from the bottom of my hearts.
Your support means everything to me and helps me continue my dream!

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