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is creating Paintings, Illustrations, and Props
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About Ari Irving

Hi! I'm Ari Irving, an artist and designer living in Atlanta, Georgia. 
I specializes in interior installations using texture, color, and scale to create an environment in which the viewer may be consumed. 
Thank you for supporting my work on Patreon! As a subscriber, you will see behind-the-scenes progress shots that are not posted on social media -- giving you an exclusive glimpse into my painting process. You will also have the opportunity to collect small studies and paintings that will be available only through Patreon. 

Back in the day artists could do art full-time, because they had patrons who paid for their living expenses - so that they actually could do what they were good at. This is the modern day platform, where you can support artists/makers like me! Every dollar makes a difference. 

By being one of my patrons, you will be giving me more freedom to continues making art! Your support will go towards art supplies and living necessities such as; bills and food. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments :)
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This will help take care of my monthly living expenses, allowing me to focus solely on creating as possible! Once I reach my goal I will be able to add more benefits for patrons such as; higher quality videos, giveaways, and larger yearly gifts. :)
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