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What is RPG-CMS?

I want to build a platform for creative types to make their own RPGs using a web-portal. Think Wizards of the Coast's "Dungeons and Dragons" meets Wordpress. A 'tabletop' type of game played on a website (locally, and hopefully in the future, globally) that manages all the math, characters, monsters, loot, and basically ...everything, for you.

So why not just play a tabletop?

This gives the game creator the freedom to customize the platform, and steer an adventure easily, without having to worry about character sheets, dice, calculations and everything else that can take time away from your story. I'm trying very hard to have the character pages look and function beautifully on most mobile devices, the map & party screen look great on a tablet or large screen, and the admin panel be easy enough to understand and work with on any device.

It's about the story!

Right now, my game "Hate Seed" sits atop the framework as an example. I've got the character and party system added. I'm currently working on a "2.0" which will feature a better map system, better admin panel, and a bestiary. My idea is that all of the content will be interchangeable, even down to the site's appearance. This way when you build your game, people can visit your website and it'll be unique to your own vision, and function on the framework!

What's the cost?

For the framework? Nothing. Once it's complete, I'm giving it away to the world for free. It's my gift to anyone who wants to use it. Just like Wordpress is free to website creators, I want this framework to be free to any game creators who would enjoy the web portal. If anything costs anything, maybe people could sell their games (what they've created on the platform)? Maybe it'll be an addon pack that people can buy! I honestly don't care about making a lot of money from this. I just want to own the IP and be credited for the creation of the idea. That's it.

Why should I donate to this patreon?

Any money generated from this Patreon will go towards taking time to work on this project. Since it'll be free on an open source license, I'm not making any money. However, with enough contribution, maybe I could even hire some better programmers to REALLY get it moving!

So what's next?

When the platform is finished, I'm going to work on making it more and more versatile. So content creators can easily replace images, entries, and maybe someday even mathematical factors with their own (don't like how damage is scaling? adjust this number!).

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