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<code>For now, it's just a support that keeps me moving forward.</code>
<code> But in therm I would like my fairies have the power to launch projects. They will tell me what they would like to see expressed in my works (for example a feeling that is dear to them or that marked them, desire for freedom, sharing, this rebelliousness, everything broken, or the joy of to be parents, to succeed, to hold on, everything that is part of our lives at all!), and I will do my best to paint it!





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About florent dufor

In the last ten years I have dedicated my life to the creation of digital art. What drives me to draw from the beginning is the transmission of message ideas.
I like the impact of the drawings on the mind. It is a great way of expression, which can pass in 1 second a lot of feelings that words can't translate.
I force myself to create quality works. It's not uncommon for me to spend a full month on a piece of work and then give it away for free on the internet.

I want continued to create freely, without constraints. I want to create more and more beautiful works that express our lives to everyone. Joy love, beauty, ugliness, perceverance, I want to draw fantastic scenes that mark the spirit.

I want to paint for everyone. Expressed the deep feelings of exceptional people that we call ordinary. Because I see a beauty that deserves to be shared!

Unfortunately, the world I live in revolves around money. I need it like everyone else to be able to live decently there. I know that I will have to do food jobs that will be incompatible with my artistic vocation,I will have less time, less energy to create.

The big commercial groups like google, facebook, deviantart, the wallpaper provider and many others make money with my work but I do not win anything, it's not fair!

So for me patreon, it's a chance, those who like what I do, those for whom I work, will if they wish to help me, allowing me to continue doing what I love!
I want to believe that Parteon will be a precious help to continue to create for all! To continue this wonderful sharing of ideas and feelings that every human being has to express.
Today, I need you and your support to continue!

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