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After being closed down everywhere apart from online. Management. Record label. Gigs. Festivals and studios for penning a tune supporting Tommy Robinson (which is still stood by!) Sydney Rebel and The Rebellions are determined not to b musically killed off! Sydney has dedicated most of his life so far to music and is not best pleased at being censored over a song which pedals no hate whatsoever! He is ready to fight back with all he has got to offer! This patreon account is to give fans a chance to help the band record more songs as 4 local studios have refused to record us! The band always paid for recording with gig money and now nobody will have us live we have no means of recording without being left potless! All Sydney wants to do is to be able to do his thing without being censored or shutdown with no legitamite reasons! We r deeply grateful for all the support throughout and still and we r also deeply grateful to anyone who wants to help out on this patreon account. Peace n love folks ✌

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