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I just want to support your work.

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About DiscipleOfVirginia


"Autumn Boulevard v1.5" out now for +3 Patreons. Working on v1.6 ALPHA now

"Of Birds and Bees v0.5" out now for +3 Patreons. Working on v0.6 ALPHA now

"The Onryo is trying to NTR me*!" out now for +3 Patreons

Do you want the thing most people want?

A good story, a nice rack, and a round peachy set of cheeks?

Do you want an adult game with a plot? Do you want character development? Do you want a story where you get full control over what erotica you get?

I am creating "Autumn Boulevard" and "Of Birds and Bees", a game where your choices will matter in the end. A story based in the very roots of Modernism and Scandinavian folklore. A story focused heavily on characters and the story, to give you an unique experience.


And yes, there will be b**bs as well. And cats.

The Story of both my games:
Autumn Boulevard
Sylvessa Moonfarer is trying to get to The Castle. Trying to stop her are monsters. Both those of your nightmares, and those in human form.

Of Birds and Bees

Once upon a time, in the Great Plains, there sleeped a great wasp. In her box, made of titanium.

Ever read Lovecraft and thought to yourself: "Oh boy, if this was just more naughty, and had thicc women in it"? Well, then I got the story for you. Solve the mystery surrounding the box in the basement alongside Melanie's imaginary friend, Mr Bumblebee. The horror stalking Melanie in real life and in her dreams is taking a toll on her, maybe some people will take advantage of that. Maybe not, as that is completely up to you.

The stories, heavily rooted in Scandinavian folklore, will test the boundaries of yours and mine imagination.

The Erotica:
Within one day of in game time, the different routes the player can take will be clearly illustrated. You can either choose to do all of the routes, none of them, or just the ones you want. The main thing the routes do is to give you a different endings and shape the characters, but they are completely optional.

The Erotica includes, but are not limited to:

- Corruption
- Transformation
- Bimbofication
- Cheating/NTR

All of the Erotica in my games follows the Patreon TOS.

Since you have read this far, why don't you just try out my demo and write me a sentence or two giving me your thoughts. The demo of this game will always be free and public.

"Autumn Boulevard" uses RPGMakerMV as its main engine.

"Of Birds and Bees" uses Ren'Py

"Autumn Boulevard" Demo:


Demo For Lower Tier PCs (A few people reported crashes, but you will most likely be able to use the standard version. If you, for example, can play "Overwatch" on your PC, you can play the standard Demo of this game as well)


"Of Birds and Bees" Demo:


$1,759.48 of $2,000 per month
I can now do this for the foreseeable future, but also help out ya boi Elon with funding for cat girls
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