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About Peter Hofbauer

My Name is Peter Hofbauer. I am a Hobby Game-Developer and I provide free content for everyone who is interested in my work. My weird obsession with trying to turn everything into a game has led me to a path of unlimited exploration in different fields of game making. The projects that I publish are not products to be sold, but byproducts of this exploration, which I would like to share.

Providing free content means that you don't have to pay me anything. I don't need your money to continue my projects, but it certainly helps a lot. There are no tiers available, since you already get everything I can offer for free, so if you really want to donate: 1$ is just fine

My games are on my website:

My latest project:

$14 of $100 per month
Buying some extra tools and devices for game making

Everything beyond this limit is just for pure motivation
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