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Kool Kids are... well KOOL. Also you get a shout out every cast as the Kool kids say 
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As a proud member of the long tradition of the Dildorian Scholar you'll get to vote in polls for what topics we do next for our monthly choice episode. You still do get a shout out as well.
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The ultimate tier known to man. You get an extra episode every week done by either Dildor or Sam also maybe a Julia or two mixed in. S H O U T O U T 




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About Just The Jeffersons

Hi we're Dildor and Sam, we talk about stuff like, is the guy who tried to shoot Reagan a cuck because Jodie Foster didn't date him? Was H.P Lovecraft an Incel? The answers to all these questions and more on Just The Jeffersons! - Dildor 

"hate hate pure hate I miss katamari damacy" - Sam