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About Michel Lalonde

Michel Lalonde is one of those undefinable musical creatures. He is a muscal wanderer, beating a path from s path from the songs of the Beatles to Hank Willams to the folk songs of his dad. He was the driving force behind Garolou, one of the great bands that emerged from the 1980’s Québec music scene. Michel has since gone on to pursue a solo career and continues to work with his mates from La Raquette à claquettes a Saskatchewan band.

Originally from a small Francophone town in Eastern Ontario, Michel has lived in Québec, PEI and Saskatchewan. He is a singer and songwriter. He is a stage director and has been a radio producer. His career spans more than five decades,

He is presently working on a third solo album with a group of musicians in Prince Edward Island. The album is set for a spring release.