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About Sterling Knight

Runestyr means "rune magician" or "sorcerer." It is what someone who works with  the runes of the Northern or Scandinavian traditions is often called. The runes are sometimes mistaken for an alphabet, in which everyday communications are written, but in reality they are a cosmic, numinous metalanguage wherein a skilled runestyr can seek their Wyrd, speak with the Gods, and create their Will in the universe. They are a powerful tool, a spiritual path, and a complete magical system as deep and complex as any.

My name is Sterling Knight, and I have been following the runic path for over thirty years. In my middle twenties they first called to me, and once I experienced their power and wisdom, I never looked back.  I work mostly with the runes called the Elder Futhark, although I have some experience with the Armenan Runes developed by Guido Von List at the beginning of the 20th century. I joined the Rune-Gild of Austin, Texas in the early 80's, a group led by Edred Thorrson. The Rune-Gild is an initiatory mystery school of rune working which has developed some fine materials and methods in this field, a resource from which anyone can benefit. I have taught rune divination, rune magic, runic mudras and developed powerful ways of working by blending rune magic with pure energy work and sorcery. I am also a charter member of the Sorcerer's Guild of Southern California, a group founded by one of the most powerful sorcerers I've known, George Jackson, sadly now passed.

So what will we share with each other? We'll cover basic rune work and divination, since many have yet to gain experience in this sort of working (I don't want to leave people out!) and go one to explore runic elements, colors, formal runic workings, tools used in ceremonial rune magic, shamanic workings and seidhr magic, differences between various futharks, and anything else we can think of or develop. I'll answer questions sent in to me, hold interviews with interesting people and share some music, particularly music that relates to the runic pathworkings. I hope that you will be sharing your experiences, workings, methods, anything you'd like. I live in Southern California and we may run into each other at events, and maybe we can hold group meetings with other listeners on occasion.

We'll also look into other areas of interest in the occult. I've found that although runes tend to not work well with many different traditions, coming as they do from a very different point of view, there are some methods and approaches that DO blend very well. I doubt that I've found them all so please feel free to share your experiences and suggestions. The reality of rune working is that very little of the ancient methods survived the centuries, very little was written and handed down, so that we are in the process today of rediscovering and re-inventing this path. Experiment and experience is the way that we do this Great Work, and it is continuing today and into the future, far beyond the years I hope to live. It's good to part of this flow, and I invite you to join in the work.

I've had many amazing teachers, and I'll try to give them credit for their contributions, for this work is far bigger then myself. Many of them were not part of the rune craft, but the lessons they taught were and are a major part of my work. One of the most important principles of rune working is to be aware of the need to synthesize as part of your runic creation work. This is a most Odhinnic principle, one that all rune mages should use constantly. Yes, we'll talk about this too.

So Hail and Welcome! Feel free to listen, and even more free to join in. The email is [email protected] Also I hope that you'll become a patron and in doing so help this work grow. I appreciate any amount you'd like to contribute and I'll be putting up rewards for different tiers of patronage. They'll include such things as guided meditations, rituals, articles, spells and discounts on my published books. I look forward to talking to you soon!

On the runestyr's stool we sit
Three legged, rune carved, and chanting
Of Har we speak, of Mimir we listen,
and Freyja's siedhr teaches.
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