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I’ve been a writer for two decades, writing crime novels set in the past, present and future. Strangely enough, I never wrote about cats despite the fact that I live with 9 of them… That is, until now!

I'm writing monthly short-stories featuring cats. So, if you fancy cats stories, why don't you stay around for a little while? Who knows, maybe a cat will join you and rest on your lap...

Why now?
I got inspired and I’ve that huge project that I wish to share with readers and cat lovers! Also, I love cats and I always wanted to write stories featuring them.

What is your project?
Building a literary universe about cats, of course! I'm writing monthly short-stories (1400 to 4000 words), but also content like drafts, ideas, pictures… everything that is relevant to this literary universe.
I use my own cats as inspirational ground, because living around them taught me a lot about them, their temper, what they like and dislike, and I also get inspired by cats I meet IRL or through social media platforms.  
There will be investigations, adventures, time travel (hello, Whovians!), sorcerers and monsters involved in my stories. There will be fun, but there might be the occasional tear. 
Also, since characters are based on real cats, you'll be able to witness their day to day life through pictures, fun facts and anecdotes! 

Do you wish to live off your cats?
I doubt they would agree! They are my inspiration, I do the writing. What I really wish is to offer them the best life and care. My patrons will not only be supporting my work, but also be supporting a community of 9 thankful cats and one thankful guinea pig (but only when he is in a good mood)!

Meet the heroes!
Eloa: The eldest one. She is in charge.
Euryelle: Aka “Mom Cat”. She takes care of the gang and especially of Emrys.
Emrys: Euryelle’s son. The sociable one. He is always happy.
Evgeny: Fit and agile. He can climb anything and jump on the highest closet.
Eglantine: Eloa’s assistant and trusted confident.
Eirnyn: Clever and ingenuous. He has a solution for every problem.
Eccleston: He believes he is a famous Time-Lord’s companion.
Emmett: He is beautiful and he knows it. Humans fall in love with him at first sight.
Edelweiss: She is always ready for new adventures.
Aristote, the guinea pig: He is the boss.
Suzanne: The human who lives with the gang. She is also their guardian.

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Once this amount is reached, I’ll start working on a Cat Calendar. I’ll be writing an extra story/month and send it digitally to every contributor pledging 2$ and more.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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