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About My Mother's Story

We are Mothership Stories Society, a non-profit dedicated to telling women's history one mother at a time. Formed in 2008 in Vancouver, we use a writing template established by Marilyn Norry to encourage people to simply write the story of their mothers' lives so the truth of what women have experienced in the 20th century won't be forgotten or dismissed or censored. Also, stories written this way are great! Not testimonials or platitudes, these stories reflect the extraordinary lives of ordinary women.

We create workshops and campaigns to gather stories and then make things out of the stories we collect - books, theatrical events, our online Archive at These creations have all paid for themselves through a combination of grants, sponsorships, ticket and book sales. As any artist knows though, you can't get grants for building infrastructure, setting up legal language, marketing including all websites - these things have been accomplished through many volunteer hours.

We know it works - the writing, the community, the books, the creations - and we are now looking for Patrons like you, people who get this project and what it could mean - to help us launch this project out of Vancouver and into the world. We're building a greater online presence through online workshops, podcasts, and finding a larger community, both online and live, and that means more time and more money. We've debated using online ads on our website but promoting widgets beside someone's heartfelt mother's story just seems gross.

We're appealing to Patrons to keep this project ad free and open to everyone worldwide (not just the wealthy who can afford expensive courses), so we can share women's history from all walks of life and change how people see the lives of women and mothers in their lives, in history and in the future.   

And did we mention how sharing these stories bring families together? And break down the cultural silos within communities where people are living side by side but don't understand one another? And how you'll gain a new appreciation for your mother? And how you'll learn the skills of telling great stories and free your own voice? You can find out more about this project and other side effects at

Please join us. 

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Money equals time. You're busy; we're busy. Those of us creating Mothership right now work 2-5 other jobs each as well. With this kind of funding we would be able to drop at least one of these jobs, pay ourselves a bit to finish infrastructure projects that have no other revenue: marketing our new book Marilyn's Writing Women's History starting with your mother; getting the new website and Archive working better so we can engage and connect with people and groups across Canada and the US; creating better curriculum for our online workshop which includes an active online community. We would also put money away to fund our next book of stories from the Mother's Story Lab. .
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