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About Morgen

My name is Morgen and I have many interests in life. I am a second-year senior college student and after next semester will be a third-year senior college student. I love to read and my top two favorite series are Harry Potter and the Inheritance Cycle. I also love to listen to music and sometimes sing and dance. My favorite genre is country, but I also like rock, pop, and folk music and my absolute favorite country artist right now is Keith Urban. I have been to three of his concerts and they were all absolutely amazing. I have always loved animals, so I am a really big nature and animal lover, as well as very passionate about the environment and the wilderness. I plan to go into the field of conservation and environmental protection as a career and help to preserve and protect any wilderness areas that remain. I love to hike in the outdoors with my family and I have hiked in many places, as well as in other countries on family vacations. I am a huge football and basketball fan. I have been going to Stanford football home games ever since I was a baby and my dad and I are really big Warrior fans. Steph Curry is by far my favorite NBA basketball player. I have only been to one Warriors game though, but I hope to go to more in the future. I also watch multiple different shows on Netflix and on my computer on certain streaming sites. I also am a horsewoman and my favorite hobby is horseback riding. My family even owns a horse right now, but I plan to own my own in the future after I graduate from college and have my own place. 

As for what type of content you might be seeing from me, I am planning to do mostly reaction videos to various things. I'll probably try and do reaction videos to some of the shows that I watch, news that I find interesting that I feel I want to talk about, and videos just about me and what is going on in my life at the time. The video link below is just a link to a video that is introducing me and my channel, as well as giving you some brief basic info about me. I hope you get interested in my channel and support me on my patreon journey.
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When I reach 10 patrons, I'll release at least two videos per week, or three if I have the time.
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