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Hey people,
My names Cody Caskey from New Zealand.

Why Kiwi Nomad?
Well, 'Kiwi' seems to be a universal word used to describe any New Zealander, proabably due to our amazing native bird....that cant even fly, protect itself, or come out during the day....but we still love it!(to be honest, I've only seen one once in my life).

And the word, 'Nomad'. Not so much like the nomad tribes who continuously travel the land to survive, hunt, find water,explore..although in a sense that is kinda what I plan on yeah I guess I should say much like the nomadic tribes. But also, for the definition of constantly moving forward in life. Forever changing environments. Adapting to all different aspects of life. Developing. Growing. With the hopes of one day to settle and find my feet..

But for now, let's have an adventure and enjoy life.
I'm already 25, and like most of you, look back and say, "what have I done with my life?"

Well let's hope in the next few years I have a solid answer.
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