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  • By donating $20 you will receive the "SEVEN" Flipbook USB. This fully narrated adventure story for those 6 -12 y.o. interests the young in reading. There are 7 games with 7 levels plus over 100 teacher lesson plans - perfect for home schooling. There are also poem-songs, videos and  dozens of student worksheets. The perfect gift for kids or adults still young-at-heart.




I invite all creative people in the arts to join me in establishing a new, improved democracy. I have set up a not-for-profit foundation and I am donating 75% of all income derived from my work to the foundation - this being in the form of plays, screenplays and novels. The foundation will develop programs for educating the public and specifically senior high school and college level students regarding how the new system works, and a way to convert to it. The backbone of the idea is to gather funding through fun public events rather than the gloom and doom of global warming and economic fear. Although such discomfort is understandable, and necessary, a more positive grassroots movement involving music festivals, crowdfunded film and TV productions, wine and food festivals, comedy festivals, and so on, portends and fosters a new era for human cooperation world-wide. I am very interested in hearing from all creative people, and especially, but definitely not limited to, those interested in developing a career in launching large events such as music festivals, film productions, and educational undertakings. If you are a writer, actor, painter, sculptor, gaming programmer, marketer you can definitely help us. Our catch call is - The Artists Are Revolting - a cliche, but none-the-less accurate. I intend to thank all those patronizing this movement by inviting you entry-free to the events you have helped create, and in all cases your name will be publicly noted.

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