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As I announced in the last update here, I'm pretty sad to tell you guys that I should (not want) stop doing this Patron because it was unsustainable for me. Some of you had send me courage words that it really stroke me in the heart. There is nothing that makes me more happy than drawing StarMaps. I could do it forever.
But it's sad to talk about money and numbers when this is a work of pure passion and love for scifi and art, but I guess it's unavoidable. 

Doing my maths with my home economy, I guess I had to reach at least 200$ on Patreon each month to spend the time required in each piece (4 to 6 each month) without missing paying bills. 
Otherwise I will need to take other jobs. (time consuming and bad payment).

The Deadline is the end of the month (March) before Patreon charges you any money in April. 
Hopefully we could change things or maybe not.

Anyway, I wish you a long and prosper life to everyone who is reading this.
You already support me just visiting this campaign!

Love to you! 

How PATREON works?
You assume the role of a Patron a "Mecenas" in spanish. You really believe in what I'm doing now, you consider that this is not futile, not a fast food for the brain, you see something in my work, some reflections, maybe of your own dreams. So you pledge for me. You help me each month (you can cancel wherever you want) with a little tip and altogether we achieve enlightenment. 
I give for free the Starmaps on the net, and will always be that way. But I need your help to push the shitty stuff from my drawing table.

What's STARMAP ?
StarMap it's a journey, a revelation, a cosmic catharsis. It's something strange that you can't grab, it's like sand. It's made of dreams, mirages, joy and nostalgia. It's a place or one hundred different places that are strange but at the same time so familiar.

Travel with me through one hundred stars and look anew with a kid's eyes the marvels of the unknown. The universe it's at your finger tips.

I can't pay you each month! How can I help you?
Consider buying your favourites StarMaps at my print shop! They are all hand signed in heavy weight artist paper!

Watch me creating StarMap #005! No trick! No pencil or underline!

Pledge Overview

About me
I'm a professional cartoonist leaving in Spain. I had draw 3 graphic novels for my french publisher (Delcourt) and I did also some promotional and concept art artwork for videogames such as Minecraft, Race the Sun, Delver and the upcoming Super Barista.

You can find me at twitter most of the time @SamCube_Draws

$15 of $200 per month
After some struggle with bill numbers and bad jobs I think that's the minimum amount of money I would need to draw between 4 and 6 StarMaps per month (plus the extras) Can we make it in what's left on this month?
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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