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"If you're a fan of Firefly or Battlestar Galactica, you'll find these guys really attractive!" - Lynne's Science Fiction News

I conceived, wrote, and directed the original sci-fi web series Venus Rises back in 2007. I funded it completely out of my own pocket. It quickly became too costly to maintain all the physical sets, 3D artists, and actors.. production was regretfully shut down after filming just three episodes.

With your help I can finish the story I started telling all those years ago.. giving the characters, and the series itself, the ending it deserves.

I took my Episode 4 shooting script, along with an unfinished Episode 5 script (a precursor to Series Two), and adapted them into a graphic novel. Series One is now planned to conclude in a two-part comic book.

8/25/2014 Update: Issues #1 and #2 are completely finished and ready for the printers! Below is a preview of the first chapter to Venus Rises: Threshold (a.k.a. Episode 4). Art by Rick Emond.

But it doesn't end there!!


To gather enough funding to keep Venus Rises going as a bi-monthly comic book serial.


I’m looking to not only create comic books, but also create a totally original sci-fi universe. The comic book medium allows me to ignore the budgetary restraints I had with the web show.. giving me the freedom to finally match my imagination.

Series Two will take place a midst the civil war between Venus and Mars.. with a new cast of characters, new exotic locales (in-depth looks at the Martian City Domes and the Venusian mines), and an all new 'hero' spaceship designed from stem to stern.

Main Character is a woman.. mid to late thirties. Her husband mysteriously vanished (presumed dead) and left her with an overwhelming amount of debt.. and ownership to a salvage ship. Having to feed herself and her son.. she took over her late husband's job and assumed the captain's role. She now scrapes together a living ferrying supplies between Venus and Mars.

Adolescent (main character's son). From his perspective, he was torn away from everything and everyone he knew to help his mother operate and maintain the salvage ship. He's rebellious and resentful over being trapped on a spaceship indefinitely. When he's not fixing some aspect of the ship, he spends most of his free time surfing the info-net (VR's form of the internet) seeking out interaction with kids his own age.. especially girls.

Muscle. He's a paid mercenary hired by the main character to help pilot the ship.. but mostly he's there to intimidate employers who might otherwise take advantage of an inexperienced woman captain.

Suit. He's a liaison for the mega-corporation that owns the salvage ship. He's there to observe the main character and to be sure she does everything in her power to pay off her debt (in a timely manner) without unnecessarily risking her only collateral.. the spaceship.

Military Brat. Female, early twenties, a private in the Mars Defense Directorate. She's assigned to the 'Suit' as his bodyguard. She sees the position beneath her.. but had no choice in accepting the assignment since she's on disciplinary review. She's an outstanding pilot.. overly aggressive.. which has gotten her in trouble more then once. The adolescent quickly becomes infatuated with her.



ITEM A: Venus Rises print comic - Standard American comic book size, 28 pages, color cover - black and white interior.

ITEM B: Venus Rises PDF comic - Standard PDF, 28 pages, color cover, black and white interior. Will be downloadable through e-mail or a special link.

ITEM C: Mars and Venus pin back buttons - Collectible pin back buttons featuring the Mars Defense Directorate patch and 26 Colonies of Venus patch. Buttons measures 1.25" round.

ITEM D: Venus Rises: Series One character poster - All the characters as seen in Series One and Interspace episodes. Measures 11" X 17". Poster may be folded in shipping.

ITEM E: Venus Rises: The Official Companion paperback book - Here, at last, is the authorized guide to the hit web show! Venus Rises: The Official Companion is an in-depth look at Series One, packed with behind-the-scenes interviews, many previously unpublished pictures, and a comprehensive episode guide. Featuring a Foreword by the show’s creator J. G. Birdsall, plus contributions from the production team.100 pages, paperback. 6" X 9".

ITEM F: Venus Rises bumper sticker - This is special vinyl sticker that will measure ?" X ?".

ITEM G: Venus Rises: Series One DVD.

With the entertainment industry drowning in sequels and re-boots, here's a chance to help an entirely original sci-fi series start from the ground up!  

Thank you,
J. G. Birdsall

Visit our website:  www.venusrises.tv
Like our Facebook:  www.facebook.com/venusrisestv

***This profile is a work-in-progress.. I'm still working on a list of goals and rewards that are fair for everyone.***
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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