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The Horse Radio Network was formed in 2008 to provide an entertaining and educational look at the world of horses and horse people. Our 17 shows are hosted by dedicated horse lovers who devote their time to bring you the very best programming every day/week.

HRN has been supported solely by our wonderful advertisers and we will continue to provide them an affordable effective advertising alternative. We need your help to continue to grow the network and provide more of the fun horsey Internet radio you have come to know and love.

If you like what we do then please consider donating $1.00 or more a month to helping HRN:

  • Expand our shows to include more breed and discipline specific shows.
  • Reward our terrific hosts with a percentage of the donations.
  • Increase production quality.
  • Continue to expose the world to the joy of horses and the people who love them.
As an Official HRN Auditor you will get early access to what is coming up on HRN and a little behind the scenes too.  Plau, entry in the Super Secret HRN Auditor Room on Facebook and qualification to test products for free.

Thank you for considering supporting HRN, if you can't we totally understand and thank you for listening and enjoying the shows!
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