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I have been making content on Youtube now for awhile, and what a ride it has been, but I dont think many understand the consequences of doing so. Not to say I don't enjoy it, i DO.... WAY TO MUCH lol, but spending nearly all of your free time producing entertainment comes at the cost of many other things including; friends, family, sleep and other hobbies. So, how do you justify it? Partly, due to making money and obviously because I love it. It helps me continue to drive forward because It allows me to be an adult, and a creator at the same time. This is why my patreons are so important to me, you make it so that I have no reason to worry about anything and pursue my hobbies forever. THANK YOU SO MUCH every dollar given will make my content better!
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This is already a crazy helpful amount, I really have no idea if this goal is unrealistic or not but it would mean the world to get here
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