is creating 28mm 3D Printable SciFi Miniatures
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Access to the Monthly Theme Vote and Themed and Generic Patreon Only Poses, as well as any extra models I work on a week before public release
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 Access to the Monthly Theme Vote and Themed and Generic Patreon Only Poses, as well as any extra models I work on a week before public release 
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This is for individuals who wish to distribute any of my patreon models as printed products online. I will message you after you join at this teir with all the info you'll need. If a larger company wishes to do so please get in touch for further discussions.




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About ThatEvilOne

What you can expect from this Patreon?
Every month you can expect a lance of 5 Sci-Fi Knights both in a Generic Iconography free version and a themed variant that you yourself get to decide in a monthly vote. In addition you'll get a portion of patreon exclusive poses of the Roman legionnaires and sister that I post on my thingiverse page.

What sets me apart from other similar Patreons?
I'm an animator by trade, that means when I pose a model I am always taking into account line of action, weight, sense of fluid motion and dynamism. All my models will appear as if they are frozen in the middle of a very explosive motion or seem to be very natural in their bearing, as if they are settled properly in weight and centre of gravity.

How many models per months?
You can expect at minimum 5 poses per month but thats just poses, often times I will give each pose ever weapon option that is viable in certain popular rulesets out there. That means you can often get 50+ individual STLs or OBJs each month split between Generic and Themed Versions.

To access the 3D printable content, you must pledge for one of the available tiers available, custom pledges don't work. All tiers get all the models I make (except past months releases that are available on the shop).

How does it work and why be part of the community?
  • During every month I will upload our new set of models for you to download and enjoy.
  • As soon as you subscribe you will gain access to this month, last month and the previous month before that as well as future months releases (as long as you continue supporting)
  • If you are a late joiner you can access my older models by purchasing through my store.
  • Being part of the community allows you to influence the models I make, through a polling system.
  • You will have access to the big 40k maker Discord chat to interact with me and dozens of other talented creators.
  • During the month you can expect me to share my ideas and 'WIP' pictures to allow you to engage with me to share your thoughts. I want to involve you as much as possible so that you enjoy the most out of my designs.
NOTE: Please download the months models ASAP as they will be removed two months later in preparation for the following months new uploads. If you did somehow forget to download a month you paid for, PM me here or on discord and I will verify and send you lost files.

What can you do with these files?
Models will be provided ready to print, but orientation and support generation is up to each user as it is highly dependant on printer technology. I recommend Resin for miniatures and FDM for larger pieces.

  • Private Use Only
  • Non Commercial
  • No Derivatives
NOTE: Do not under any circumstances share these files for free or commercially! It is a one way ticket to a ban on patreon and discord. It is not fair on other patrons and will discourage me from continuing this service.

About Me, Why Patreon?
Hi! I'm ThatEvilOne. I am a Canadian based Animator who has worked on many popular Films and TV shows and is just now breaking into the Video Game Industry. But that's just my professional life, in my own time I've had a passion for table top gaming and grew up on systems like Warhammer, 40k and Battletech. Now with the advent of 3D printing technology I've found a way to merge my professional skills with the hobby that I love and it's only fair that I share my work with the larger community both through patreon and freely on thingiverse.

Patreon is just a platform that keeps me motivated and earns me a little side money I can put pack into my hobby without the Girlfriend getting too angry ;) that being said if we ever get to the point where I can make this my full time job I'll be more then happy to step away from animation and really ramp up production

-Just Message me once you sign on-

I am very open to discussion and sharing our printing experience. I am looking forward chat with you there.

Thanks you! I really appreciate your support and hope to make your time as a patreon an enjoyable experience. Cheers.
$805 of $900 per month
Damn... You guys officially cover my rent. Guess I owe you another character. How about a proper space pirate whose name rhymes with Euron.
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