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Hey, I'm Robbie Moore, and I make music under the name Robot. I live in a crumbling factory building in Berlin with my family Elsa, 8 year old Vincent and our 2 year old twins Elvin and Valentine. In 2014 I started construction on my lifelong dream - a recording studio with a big live room - in the big atelier underneath our apartment. I kept a build blog here

I've always loved the art of making recordings with groups of musicians playing live together, and since opening the doors to Impression Recordings in summer 2015 I have been doing precisely that! I have made all kinds of records for all kinds of people here, choirs, bands, string quartets - it's been an amazing 5 years!

Even though I mainly spend my days realising other peoples visions, I have found the time to make 3 Robot albums of my own in the last few years.. '33.(3)' and 'Vedgdbol' in 2017 and 'Wedding Address' which will be released in 2020. 

But for my FOURTH 'album', I am going to open up my creative process to the world. I will be live-streaming my entire workflow, from zero songs to finished songs. It will be unedited and unfiltered, unglamorous (well a bit glamorous) and an honest portrayal of an artist trying to make music that means something to him. I have a feeling that a lot of music fans are just as interested in the story behind the records they listen to as they are in the finished thing, and I hope to show you what I do to write my songs and make the records I make.

I will be releasing the songs immediately as I finish them, Patreon subscribers will be able to access them straight away, everyone else will have to wait a few weeks for them to land on Spotify. I will also be making the stems available to higher tier subscribers, as well as a few other exclusive rewards for those who feel like supporting me on this journey into the mind of a madman!

And this is not only going to be about me! I often collaborate with other artists, writing songs for other people, recording bands etc. and I will be streaming as much of those sessions as I am able to. I can't wait to invite some of the amazing Berlin (and elsewhere) artists I'm fortunate enough to hang out with to come and join me for a couple of days writing and recording some new nugget of weirdness for you to enjoy!

In my dreams, this will turn into a colourful archive of songwriting ideas, studio tricks, creative tears, moments of joy - all wound up in a pile of motivational videos... and most of all a great big dose of 'Inspiration Information' (to quote the late, great Shuggie Otis) XXX

Check out my website here!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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