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Hi, my name is Adrian aka Onetime Horror Games :) I am making gaming videos about horrors. I just find a game that is not for like 20 videos but for 1, and i just play it. I started making youtube videos about 2 years ago. I had an Polish channel and it didn't go so well. I had an break, and then i started making gaming videos i started like a noob posting couple of videos a day without edits and broken microphone etc. Then i learnt how to edit properly i got a new mic so i was just making good ol' gaming videos. Guess what, it went mediocre i didn't have a lot of fans but i still had some. I decided to have a break again. And now, i am starting this channel with a little twist, not in Polish but in English.
It will be tough at first but i am sure i will get the hand of it. Follow me on my journey to 100k subscribers!

Onetime Horror Games.
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