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is creating training on basic to advanced muscle testing techniques.
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Advanced Muscle Testing Techniques
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Once you have mastered the basics there is a whole world of potential benefits that open up for you.

Learn how to :

>Test which supplements your body needs and exactly how much.

>What foods are good for you and which ones are causing hidden inflammation.

>How to identify the hidden blocks to your finances.

>Find out what is causing you to attract the wrong relationships.

>Learn how to use The Map of Consciousness to quantify and improve your level of consciousness in any area of your life.

>Learn how to use the Advanced Inner Healing Muscle Testing Toolkit to radically increase the speed and accuracy of you Energy Healing Practice.

>Improve your ability to get life changing results for people you work on.

**This Tier will also include content I have previously sold individually for hundreds of dollars**

per month
Get all the training of the first two groups PLUS

 Access to weekly sessions that I do for people demonstrating techniques like the Courts of Heaven, The Map of Consciousness, and The Advanced Inner Healing Muscle Testing toolkit. 

Get insights on how to build a successful practice. How to share and explain Energy Healing to potential clients. How to fine tune your own level of consciousness when working with clients to maximize your results.



About Muscle Testing University

Welcome to Muscle Testing University

Think of it as Netflix for Muscle Testing and advanced healing techniques. For a low monthly cost, you instantly have access to a large amount of information. You can watch as much or as little as you want and cancel at anytime. You can also post questions in our community that I am happy to answer. For our part, we will continue to bring new information and training on a weekly basis to make sure you stick around.

My name is Steven Keller. I've spent 24 years as a holistic health coach. Ten years ago a mentor taught me how to do muscle testing and it proved to be an amazing skill to provide life changing insight into my healing practice. I am now a certified  Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner with happy clients all over the world. Many of my clients are themselves certified practitioners. This University is an answer to the many requests I have gotten to train and mentor people on what I have learned in the past 2 decades.

(Detailed description of LEVELS on the right side of this page)

The BASIC level for $9 a month will start you off on how to do muscle testing. The ADVANCED level $24/month contains tons of cool tricks you can do with muscle testing including training material that I have sold for hundreds of dollars. The MENTORSHIP $75/month level is for practitioners who want insight and training on how I work with my own clients. More information to the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Please note we are not providing training on the Emotion Code and Body code. You can get that training from Dr Nelson at Healer's Library by following this link:
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This will allow me to set aside time in my schedule to focus on producing quality life changing results for my patrons every month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 70 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 70 exclusive posts
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