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Did you know that freckles are actually chocolaty pixie kisses? 

For $2 the pixies will give you two kisses, as well as follow you on your social media page of choice (send username). They like to keep an eye on every human they give their smooches to.

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The forest fairies are playing a game of hide and seek!

For $4 they will not only let you play too, but once a month they will stop playing long enough to answer any three questions about connecting with nature you ask them. 

It is a generous offer - forest fairies are very wise. They do tend to steal shoes though, so if yours are valuable keep an eye on em!

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May the power of seven be your stairway to the stars!

For $7, the seven sisters will woo you with their whimsical poetry once a month, and send you the captioned, captured essence of their greatest moments in time and space as they hurtle through the heavens. (aka: an epic photo and the story behind it)




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Do you know what a dewdrop dangling from a cedar bough tastes like?
Or how it feels to lay upon a kingdom of moss?
Can you be still enough to receive the story that dances along the edges of a spider`s web?
And of course the most important question of all: when was the last time you stood barefoot in the middle of the forest, and let the dappled sunlight paint you with kisses?

I`m the Barefoot Goddess.
Next to running barefoot through the forests of Canada, my greatest passion is rekindling the wonder and magic within people who have lost touch with themselves. 

Forest Therapy, aka Shinrin-Yoku or Forest Bathing, is a new term for the ancient practice of connecting intimately with nature. 
Forest Therapy, also known as "Shinrin-Yoku," refers to the practice of spending time in forested areas for the purpose of enhancing health, wellness, and happiness. This practice follows the general principle that it is beneficial to spend time bathing in the atmosphere of the forest.
The standard sequence of every walk, as taught by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, guides participants through an engaging variety of invitations, which are crafted by guides to call the senses into play and offer unique perspectives into nature and the human experience.
Throughout the walk, participants are given opportunities to share about what they are experiencing, thereby enriching each other further.
Each walk ends with a tea ceremony using a wild-harvested plant from along the trail where the walk is happening.

Some of the most researched and apparent benefits of Forest Therapy include:
Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression, clearer mind, lowered cortisol levels, boosted immune system, and greater sense of awareness, focus, concentration, relaxation and clarity.


The Barefoot Goddess and The Forest
For years I have enjoyed the greatest love affair I`ve ever known - with the forest. I was so fulfilled by my secret canyons and pristine streams that until very recently, I was content to be alone. But slowly, a desire arose to bring the magic I experience daily to those around me - especially those suffering with stress, who have forgotten how to use their senses as doorways into themselves and into the cosmos. 

I am now bringing my passion and adoration for nature to the world, and am constantly inviting communities to join me in the forests to reconnect with what it means to be alive, to feel.

In 2018 I received my certification as a Forest Therapy Guide from the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, and have been guiding Forest Therapy walks for families, teams, partners, and individuals who want to explore deeper connections within themselves, with each other, and with nature.
Now, after witnessing the power of this practice in the participants of my walks, I want to deepen my impact within my community and beyond.

What I have witnessed in my experience as a guide has filled me with the greatest sense of purpose I have yet felt in this life. People change on these walks...the identities and defenses they cling so desperately to in their daily lives are able to dissolve, and what is left is their very humanness: quietly and sweetly connecting with themselves, each other, and the forest in all the ways they had forgotten they were capable of. Those who join me in the forest leave nourished, in touch with what is real in them. 


A Forest Therapy Guide acts in much the same way a yoga instructor does.
People can approach this practice on their own, but they receive much more out of it being guided by someone who knows the territory and can effectively direct participants` focus to help them to slow down to the degree necessary to begin tapping in to all that exists beyond the noise of the monkey mind.

“Forest Bathing is not the same thing as hiking. The destination of Forest Bathing is “here”, not “there”. Sometimes when I tell others about Forest Bathing they say, “I have done that my whole life”. Maybe- but probably not. Most of us have never learned the art of stillness in nature.” – M. Amos Clifford


“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”


By becoming my patron, you are giving me the ability to spend more time creating engaging and healing walks, workshops, videos, and invitations.

1) a video library containing guided invitations into exploring nature and the senses in new and unique ways, tips and invitations designed for parents wanting to establish a connection with their little ones through nature, inspirational personal nature connection stories, and more!
2) 1 and 2 day workshops (come spring, when we can all enjoy full days outdoors!)

I intend to evolve what I am bringing to the public as I undergo further training in related fields.
I will eventually be co-hosting longer retreats that will weave together Forest Therapy walks with supported detoxification and authentic yoga as per the Agamic scriptures.


I am human; small and temporary, and so mighty with an entire universe living inside me - The Barefoot Goddess
$0 of $500 per month
When I reach $500, I will launch a monthly contest where the patron who wins will receive a Forest Therapy Intro Experience and Consultation via two-way video conferencing with The Barefoot Goddess. The winning patron will also be invited to have 2 family members or friends participate. 
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