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Hello fellow fifa addicts,
My name is Paul and I'm quite different to most people with fifa Patreons, firstly im nearly 40 years old, and secondly Fifa19 was my first Fifa that I played from release.
Although many may see this as a negative, I'm here to show you that you do not need to have played the game for years to make millions. My goal is to show people how to make enough coins to make your dream squad.
Once I learned the basic trends it became very easy for me to make millions most weeks. During Fifa 19 I was regularly in the weekly and monthly top100 traders, and was in top 50 traders of all time before I stopped trading at TOTS.
I'm hoping to build a small community of traders who are friendly and positive, and always looking to help each other. I will be available for questions via DM on discord or twitter, and will offer discord calls to members when possible.

FUT is a game mode that requires you to either trade or spend £1000's to keep up with the best players, my goal is to help you make enough coins so that you can enjoy the players you have always dreamed of, and have coins to spare. Fifa points are a huge part of FUT and in my opinion they are not needed. People get excited and spend £100's thinking they will pack Neymar or CR7 when the reality is you will most likely pack Glik or Dost. Please do not get drawn into this as you can spend a fraction of the money on a good patreon and get much better return for your hard earned cash.

I am not looking to make a quick few £'s from the Patreon, but feel my time and expertise has a value that is fairly reflected in the tiers.
I do have a job that is quite flexible so I am available quite a lot, but I also have a family, so I will have my good friend George help with the running of this to try and keep everyone happy. He is a FUT founder, and one of the best traders i know, but stays very low key.

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