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What is this?

Pizza Tower is a 2D platformer mainly inspired by Wario Land and Earthworm Jim. The game has over the top hand-drawn animations and music.

You play as Peppino Spaghetti, a manic pizza man with many abilities like charging, super jumping and dashing. Peppino has to go up each floor of the tower by finding keys, saving toppins folks and getting as many points as possible! 

Luckily, Peppino cannot die in this game, but this does not mean the task will be easy since Pizza Face and his army of pizza monster have many traps to impede his progress. 

Peppino also has the ability to use different transformations that may impede or help him depending on the circumstances. For example, Knight Peppino can destroy metal blocks underneath him but is clumsy and slow.

The game will have a Co-op feature and also feature Peppino's arch nemesis as a playable character: The Noise. He share some abilities with Peppino but use a pogo stick and a jetpack.

We figured it would be cooler if Noise had his own set of moves instead of being a Peppino clone. His new moveset makes him a bit harder to play than Peppino, but gives him a lot tools to get around the levels.
— Pizza Tower Guy (@PizzaTowergame) January 9, 2020

Your financial support is greatly appreciated as I can dedicate more time working on the game and animations! The money will also be going towards my composers which are doing a phenomenal job at giving a unique atmosphere to the game.

We plan on releasing Pizza Tower on Steam and

Pizza Tower is...

Pizza Tower Guy
The animation, coding and design guy.

The main composer and sound effect guy. 

The second composer guy.
$600 - reached! per month
Maximum speed! I can dedicate myself fully into making this game!
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