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This is the simplest tier what I hope to be a starting point for growth and I will put in your name and a personal thank you on future posts.

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About Cosmina Inspira

Merry Greetings and Welcome,

I am Cosmina Inspira, an aspiring artist and writer, who wants to share some parts of her fun and weird imagination with you. While I will show pictures most from my personal fanfictions, which can be found on, I will also draw and share original art and make any kind of drawing at your request so as to expand my horizons, which can include abstract drawings, landscapes, or even a personal portrait.

My only request is if you would like mature content, please keep it tasteful.

In the future I may also write and share thoughts about storytelling, as I write fanfiction, which I hope you will check out under Cosmina Inspira at, however it is my hope to write my own original story and have it published some day and I will be happy to discuss ideas and even reward with a Patreon acknowledgement.

I can also be found on deviant art under CosminaInspira, no spaces, and Facebook, under Cosmina Inspira.

Thank you so much, and stay inspired.
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When I reach $100 a month, I will write a requested personal one off short story for three patrons.
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