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Fellow buckos
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5 dollars earns you a shout out by me on every social platform i know, ( Riveting right?) I don't have alot of followers tho so you can tell me how you'd like a shout out, tell people to add you on snap, follow on instagram, heck i'll even friend you on myspace (please don't make me make a myspace)
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15 dollars will earn you a the chance to hear a (snippet of) a song a week before release. leak it if you want but i'd rather you not it's just supposed to be a reward for paying customers. here's the deal this is a one time paid thing for the very next song, if i made it monthly and i spent a month working on a song you'd spend 30 dollars on one song. I'd advise becoming a special pal again after i give you the song snippet, as to stray from 30 dollars per song.
Extravagant Brethren
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50 dollar earns you two things a full song as soon as it's done so that means you could have it a day before release or a whole month nobody knows... except me. second thing you get is 10 games of your choice (provided i have them) with me. little lame yeah i'm aware, but i'm kinda anticipating blowing up so it'll be less lame. 




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About Dalton James Mcdoodle

was good vro. My name is dalton james mcdaniel but you can call me vathys, i'm an amateur rapper whose main goal is to blow up and carry on something similar to XXXTENTACION. However, I am but the age of 14 (almost 15) therefore some help would be appreciated, for my microphone i use a pair of hyperX headphones and for my music creation I copy other people's instrumentals scummy i am aware however i do credit them and i don't make money off of my songs, i am unable to make instrumentals so the money to purchase programs to help make music, or even money to hire a fiver producer is enough. I'd greatly and i cannot stress this enough GREATLY be thankful for the donation and will offer rewards, don't know what they are yet tho. Thanks so much, I love you all. Good night america! P.S. I'd make a video but internet speed is to slow to upload video.