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About The Nitpicking Nerds

Better strategy. Community interaction.

This channel is all about providing you with the best commander strategies and advice possible. We have a strong emphasis on not only getting helpful information to you, but also on interacting with the community and promoting discussion.

Every Monday, we post an episode of Commander Tune-Ups: That means we're upgrading decks from the community straight out of Youtube comments and providing insight every week! On Thursdays, we post Commander Quickies, which take a much deeper look at specific aspects of commander, help fix common mistakes, and unload detailed strategy around topics both broad and niche. All in just five minutes!

So if this sounds like a channel you can get behind, check out some of our videos! And if you're liking what you see, consider becoming a Patron!
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We will do a very special underwater box opening of Dragon's Maze! (Seriously. We are not joking.)
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