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is creating Figurative Paintings & Drawings

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Welcome to my Patreon page!

Through the years, I have made increasing sacrifices to be able to paint and draw more and more. Early on, I knew this was not a hobby, nor was it a choice. 
I don't paint to make a physical representation of the figure. Neither do I paint only to show a certain expression. My definition of a great artwork is a crossroad of refined technique, introspection and allowing chance to play a role under a well-trained eye.

Through painting and drawing I analyse the relation between life and death, interior and exterior, power and powerlessness, organic and abstract figures. Themes are frequently the existential loneliness of man, the finiteness of life and the inability of man to deal with these realities.

Making a living as an artist is clearly not easy, given that the costs for a studio, paint and canvases are high and the returns only possible when exhibiting and selling work. Which means you have to financially cover several months between the expositions. Paradoxically, you need freedom of mind and focus in order to progress.

If you like my work, if you see progress and you feel there is potential - please consider making a contribution. All donations will make my mind more free, help me grow as an artist and will never be forgotten.

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