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About Odell Harris

I'm just like you, an ocean lover, a child of the sea, albeit a 106 kg man child. I, like you feel connected when I'm in the water and crave the ever elusive clarity among the waves.
Ocean Imagery is what I love to share about. With your help, together we'll make this podcast and a YouTube channel. I'll strive to bring you up to date, helpful how to's and interviews with inspirational artists. 
As a creative you understand the costs of creating, you realise that for less than the price of a coffee you have the ability to make a huge difference in this creatives journey and in turn glean the lessons my guests and I are sharing.
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When Chasing Clarity reaches 500 patreons, I'll hire an editor to help me release 4 episodes a month instead of 1 a fortnight....and we'll add a podcast mini series where I interview 1 patreon a month about their work.
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