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About JJ Guitar

Hi there! My name is Jochum Juslin and I create guitar lessons on Youtube. Maybe you found this site through my channel. I put out a new Lick Of The Week every week that is free to download tabs for here on Patreon. I also make videos on solos, of which some has transcriptions that you can download here. I hope my videos can be useful for you for improving your own guitar playing, and finding inspiration and new stuff to learn.

If you like what I do I'd be extremely thankful for your support. As a Patreon supporter you can also request licks or solos that you want transcribed. A one minute video of a complicated lick might take hours to make. I work full time as a musician and guitar teacher, and do this for free in my spare time. Thanks for visiting my site, and have fun with any of the transcriptions and lessons here. 

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