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is creating An attempt at building up poor communities
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About BlackLivesMatter Community Development

I am an aspiring black group leader hoping to help black lives in New York and after receiving the required funds to improve black living conditions in other states belonging to the US of A. 
We plan to give money to needing black communities  in cities by donating and investing in the businesses and possible the fire department.
The advantages you get to simply doing this yourself are as the following.
:seeing everyone's contributions collectively 
:an organized effort supporting one community at a time to the best of its abilities
:we may hire private investigators to try and investigate gang crimes that the local law enforcement cant or wont because of budget issues dangerous work conditions like being ambushed by the gangster deciples whil trying to wake up what looks like a sleeping man behind the wheel, or corruption because of bribery.
:watching videos and or other evidence of your contributions being put to good use.
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