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I see it, and I know how it works. People come to me to learn what they need to, when they have become lost, or even bored. It matters not, I make magic from any and all bad situations good, and I've even had spectators come to behold such fanciful splendor. They all paid very far deep from the pocket, but the value was exceeding, you see. You are a man of many sciences? Behold! Born with many good blessings, I am happy to translate the mystic jibber jabber into something that will actually mean something to you! If you don't speak mumbo jumbo, that is good; I only do it for the money, myself. And sometimes on the weekends, for fun. And money. But you see, I can allow you to understand. You don't have to miss out! My friend! You ask of it, I show you the beauty of God that you may accept in terms you agree with and science will defend. Many good things! I see so many good things on many far horizons, and the future may be what you wish. It is so. Do you wish to know? I can see very clear, and I've come to confront the difficult questions. Make them known, and mysteries revealed shall be.
One question, one outrageous and acceptable price to you!
The universe sends me great riches, and the shekels flow to the know it all like smooth Jazz. My price is very high. Very high. I do not do cheap work, I never have; since my birth I've felt the flow of excellence in my veins. My services are worth most of your money, but you may pay what very little you think to be fair. You have no money, but feel the universe would like to speak to you? Come, child. Ask your question, get your reading. And when I see so many grand riches in your future, I also see you coming back to the know it all and giving him many rupees. And a new car, too. So you see, feel guilty not. Find conviction only in your own resolve. The universe provides. You have few money in your pocket, you don't worry. You have so much money you don't know what to do with? You give it to me, I will spend it on all good things. You don't give it to me, the universe will smile on your troubles, and in your future I maybe see very much disaster. Good things. But you need business advice? The know it all knows how things work; it is not a problem. Many successful businesses the know it all has worked with and helped become the great success stories which they are. They will tell you the know it all showed them the way. It is clear before my eyes. Would you like to see? Read The Know it All's Almanac, one price of exceeding merit and the knowledge is known.
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You show the know it all that money flow and he stop dumbing down for his audience; so he can double his dollars he will commit to this platform. Not only will he start giving his best material, but will also release a mystery of great renown for all to behold. Audiences will be stunned, and nobody will suspect that 1199 words could ever be so pleasing to their soul. Hallelujah
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